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April 18/19. Test&Tune:
Zack Crotts and William Eskew came out with their cars for our first Test&Tune. A good time was had by all and I would have to say, they both won in their classes LOL Thanks a lot for making it out fellas. See you on May 2nd.

May 2. First race:
OK, so you gotta read this story- Everybody is showing up Friday night. Things are settled down and those there are going to bed. We hear someone else pulling in real late and just figure it's more racers. Get up in the morning and here is a Fifth Wheel trailer parked in a funny spot. Clay tells someone to go over and wake those racers up, it is time to get started. Turns out they were trying to find the sand dunes, got lost, found us, then promptly got their rig stuck. We help them pull their rig out and get them set up better. When they ask what we have going on around here, Clay explains it is a new race track and today is our first race. The ask if they can race and Clay tells them "SURE!" They pull their UTV out of the trailer, and with a little help and practice, we set up an all out race with delayed starts for the faster cars. Guess What??? THEY WON!!! Wooo Hooooo.
So let me introduce you to the very first official winners of an OCORR scheduled race: Kerry Culter and Antonio Cooper. Along with our very own Trophy Girl Shelby Ditoto, Here they are

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